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Call for Extended Abstracts

We have completed our first call for submissions of research for our PAMEC 2024 Conference. We thank those who submitted Short Abstracts by April 15th, 2023. We note that they were all accepted for submission as Extended Abstracts for presentation at PAMEC 2024 in Barranquilla, Colombia, January 22-24, 2024. They have now received an invitation to submit an Extended Abstract  and will be able to proceed directly by following the instructions below.

For those who missed the deadline, we are still open to reviewing your research topic. To facilitate the process, please contact Committee Co-chairs Lysel Garavelli and Gabriel Medina and send a brief (200-300 word) abstract before accessing the Abstracts Portal. This short screening process will save time and effort if your research topic and description does not align with our Program.

We note that everyone should have sufficient time to develop a 3-5 page Extended Abstract as our deadline for submission is June 26, 2023. A small number of extended abstracts will be invited to prepare a full paper for a special issue of a journal, after the conference.

Research Topics include:

  • Tidal & In-stream
  • Wave
  • Ocean Current
  • Offshore Wind
  • OTEC
  • Salinity Gradient
  • Biofuels & E-Fuels
  • Floating Photovoltaic (Solar)

Research Themes include:

  • Resource Characterization
  • Technology Design & Testing
  • Environmental Effects
  • Moorings & Anchors
  • Fabrication and Deployment
  • Social Acceptance/Socioeconomic Effects & Benefits
  • Policy
  • Grid Interconnection
  • Risk Reduction
  • Remote & Off Grid Applications

To Submit an Abstract

  1. If you do not have an account, please create one to access your Dashboard and provide the requested information.
  2. Download the extended abstract template.
  3. Create a 3 to 5 page extended abstract in PDF format and upload it by the deadline of June 26, 2023. Submissions are accepted in English only. Please name your file as LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_PAMEC2024.pdf
  4. Once submitted, your abstract will be assigned a reviewer (s) and you will be notified if the abstract has been accepted, rejected or requires revision.

We strive to review submissions within 6 weeks to provide ample time for presenters to make travel arrangements and obtain any required permissions. Early submission of abstracts is welcome.

Before the Offer to Present becomes final, authors must register for the conference, and agree to allow their presentations to be part of the conference proceedings. Although it is not guaranteed, PAMEC strives to attract sponsors to cover the cost of the conference registration for students.