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Testing Abstracts

Aquatic Renewable Energy Potential in Colombia: A Preliminary Study by Ramon Fernando Colmenares-Quintero | Natalia Rojas | Marieth Baquero-Almazo | Salvador Villar-Villar | Luis Guarín-García | Kim E. Stansfield | Juan Carlos Colmenares-Quintero

Assessment of the FES2014c model for tidal currents on the shelves around the North Atlantic Ocean by Bolivar-Carbonell Marianella | Johnstone Cameron | Lewis Matthew | Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie

NREL Marine Energy Desalination Research and Development Portfolio by Scott Jenne

The Design, Fabrication, and Test Program for NREL’s Wave-Powered Desalination System by Scott Jenne

MEDIAVILLA_DERNIS_PAMEC2024 by Dernis Mediavilla

Evaluation of offshore wind energy diffusion in long-term scenarios in the Colombian Caribbean by Mateo Valencia Betancurt | Santiago Arango Aramburo | Andres Fernando Osorio Arias

Comparison of a conventional propeller and a hybrid hydrokinetic current turbine using numerical modeling by Ruben Dario Montoya Ramírez

Oceanographic characterization of areas of interest for a possible implementation of OTEC technology in Mexico by Alejandro García Huante

Potential Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy in Tropical and Subtropical Ecosystems by Lysel Garavelli | Hayley Farr | Lenaïg Hemery | Andrea Copping | Maria Apolonia | Alejandra Alamillo Paredes

Improving Understanding of Environmental Effects from Single MRE Devices to Arrays by Daniel J. Hasselman

Feasibility of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Development for U.S. Islands by Andrea Copping

Review of Dalhousie University’s Past and Current Projects on Numerical Modelling of Tidal Turbines and Load Characterization by Dominic Groulx

Assessing Social and Economic Effects of Marine Energy: Tools and Recommendations by Mikaela Freeman

Hybrid marine eco-parks. Techno-economic analysis in potential Latin America markets by Emiliano Gorr Pozzi

Investigating displacement of marine animals as a potential effect of marine renewable energy development by Lenaig Hemery | Lysel Garavelli | Andrea Copping | Hayley Farr | Kristin Jones

The power of wave energy converters arrays to mitigate coastal erosion by Yeison Berrio | Germán Rivillas | Adriana Arango

Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMRE) by Hayley Farr | Andrea Copping | Jonathan Whiting | Jon Weers | Cesar Castillo

Co-locating wave energy and offshore aquaculture in Puerto Rico by Lysel Garavelli | Mikaela Freeman | Molly Grear | Candace Briggs

Technical-economic assessment for the construction of tidal stream turbines in Valle del Cauca, Colombia by Alvaro Salazar | Jose Garcia | Juan Rueda Bayona

Effects of Recovery Rate on Variable Speed Direct-Driven Tidal Energy Desalination by Antonio Jarquin Laguna

Development of an Innovative Floating Structure to Support Photovoltaic Panels by Marcelly de Almeida Teixeira

GARRIDO_TOMAS_PAMEC2024 by Tomás Alejandro Garrido Balaguera

Climate change might result in increased offshore wind farm accessibility in the North Atlantic by Victoria Bessonova | Robert Dorrell | Katharine York | Mercè Casas-Prat | Nina Dethlefs | Evdokia Tapoglou

Predicting the probability of encounter between fish species and tidal stream energy devices using acoustic telemetry by Charles W. Bangley | Daniel J. Hasselman | Joel Culina | Joanna Mills Flemming | Frederick Whoriskey | Michael Stokesbury | Joseph Beland | Rod Bradford | Brian G. Sanderson

Potential of renewable energies from ocean resources in the Colombian Caribbean by Jorge Prada | Efraín Rodríguez | Édgar Castillo | Néstor Moreno | Daniel Rincón | Julián Naranjo | Mónica Caballero | Jaime Rincón | Julián Peña | Duban García | Andrés Moreno | Jorge Mario Illidge

Salinity gradient energy in Colombia: an efficiency analysis by Daniel Rincón | Jorge Prada | Efraín Rodríguez | Juan Pablo Osorio | Duban García

From European waves to Pan-American shores: derisking, demonstrating, and educating to advance marine energy: Insights from European Projects by Peter Scheijgrond

Storageless Offshore Hybrid Power Plant by João Marcelo Teixeira do Amaral | Janito dos Santos Ramos | Emanuel Leonardus van Emmerik | Robson Francisco da Silva Dias

From Science to Consenting: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy by Mikaela Freeman


Axial Flow Marine Turbine Rotor Spacing Influence on Power Performance: Simulating a 1:40 Scale Dual-Rotor Counter-Rotating Turbine (US DOE RM1) by Javier Guzman | Craig Hill

Realistic assessments of the Wind Energy Potential Based on In-situ and Reanalysis data by Franklin Arevalo | Oscar Alvarez

Optimization of a wave energy park using a spectral wave model and a binary genetic algorithm. by Eduardo Santiago-Ojeda

Developing a Marine Energy Workforce Pipeline by Arielle Cardinal

Can tidal power technologies be considered fully green? by Valery Franco Osorio

Hydrodynamic and CFD modeling of a tidal barrage power plant in Buenaventura Colombia by Juan Rueda | Daniel Parrado | Jose Luis García

Resource Assessment of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Tidal Stream, and Ocean Current for Powering Blue Economy Applications in Puerto Rico by Zhaoqing Yang | Fadia Ticona Rollano | Gabriel García-Medina | Andrea Copping

Adapt-ORE: A Simulation Tool for Adaptive Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Renewable Energy Farms by Natalia Aziares-Aguayo

Experimental assessment of the effect of water depth on mooring line tensions for two different WEC mooring configurations under solitary waves by A. Gallardo

Alaska Field Testing of a BladeRunner Energy Hydrokinetic Turbine by Ben Loeffler

Study on capacitive flow electrodes used as energy conversion systems for scaled-up reverse electrodialysis devices by Mateo Arias González | Mateo Patiño Ríos | Carlos Ignacio Sánchez Sáenz

Molecular simulation of a hydrated cation exchange membrane system used in reverse electrodialysis by María Susana Pérez Grisales

Design of an OTWEC-OC plant to produce desalinated water and electricity in Ensenada, B.C. by Leandro Daniel Balan Pool | Lucero Isabel Castro Meneses | Eva Sofia Cetzal Chay | Estela Cerezo Acevedo

Heterogeneous versus homogeneous arrays of wave energy converters by Ossama Abdelkhalik

On the wave field as observed in the BTS (Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada, Mexico) Natural Laboratory by Francisco J. OCAMPO-TORRES

Challenges for the integration of ocean energy in Ibero-American power systems by Marcos Lafoz

Obstacles in the Path to New Clean Technologies: An Examination of Challenges for In-stream Tidal Energy Development in Canada’s Bay of Fundy by Craig Chandler

The Neowave wave energy converter: Technical and financials approach. by José Luis Montoya Posada


Wave height and power trends in Mexican Seas by Germán Barrera Martínez

Assessment of ocean energy systems as a source of energy for a proposed aquaculture ecosystem in Guam. by Fleurdeliza A dePeralta

Road map of the offshore wind development in Costa Rica: Challenges and Opportunities by Rodrigo Rojas

Modelling Velocity Profiles using the Law of the Wake for Tidal Currents and Winds by Richard Karsten

A Case Study for Marine Low-Head Pumped Hydro Storage in the Caribbean Region of Colombia by Justus Hoffstaedt

Offshore Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Barranquilla, Colombia by Diego Acevedo

Resource assessment, technology development, public policies, and deploying large-scale projects of marine and ocean energy in Colombia by ANDRES OSORIO

Conceptual design of a salinity gradient energy demonstration unit at the Magdalena River mouth by Mateo Roldan Carvajal

Offshore wind power in Mexican seas by Héctor García-Nava | Emiliano Gorr | Mayra Arredondo Gamez